The Halifax Scooter Council (HSC) is a group of scooter owner and enthusiasts located in Halifax, Nova Scotia and surrounding area. We meet up on the weekend for group rides, during the week at a local bar for drinks and scooter talk, and once a year for our Rally In The Valley City.

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19th Annual Rally in the City!

August 9 – August 12

The Halifax Scooter Council is hosting their 19th Annual Rally in the Valley… in the city! Not since 2000 and their monumental “Something For The Weekend” city rally has the HSC hosted their Rally in the city. A great opportunity for all riders to participate as much as they can or as little as life allows.

Where To Stay

We have a block of ten rooms booked at Cambridge Suites, in Downtown Halifax. Very nice place and very reasonably priced given the central location. Parking is available as well. $189/night for August 9,10 & 11. Book before June 26th to ensure you get a room, at this rate.

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Rally FAQs

How much is the HSC City Rally?

$30 for the weekend. Your $30 also covers your entrance to a live music venue on Friday night.

What if I just want to participate in one event?

We’ll have day passes available for $15.

What if I pay $15 for Friday, and $15 for Saturday, do I get two patches?

No, you just get one patch.

Are you doing any fund raising? With the little money I spend on fuel, I’d like to donate to a worthy cause.

Very generous of you! We will be fundraising for the ALS Society of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. As you probably know we lost our longtime President and very good friend Justin Grant in July of 2015 due to ALS complications, so this is very near and dear to our hearts. See one of our HSC Ambassadors to buy 50/50 tickets. Cash only please. Sorry, I mean, Canadian cash only please.

Where is everybody staying?

Locals sleep in their warm cozy beds. Some locals are opening their homes to visitors, see the Event page for details. We have a block of rooms reserved at The Cambridge Suites in Downtown Halifax. The rate is $189/night, be sure to mention “HALIFAX SCOOTER COUNCIL” to get the deal. Offer expires June 26th. Seriously.

I LOVE the gymkhana. Will we see the ‘Teeter-Totter-of-Death’ make an appearance this year?

No, with a city rally it’s difficult to find a space for the gymkhana and the slow race that is A) big enough and B) the property owner is ok with the liability.

What do I do when I get into town? Where do I go?

Go to the next event! The detailed schedule will be up well before the rally. Simply go to the next event, collect your wristband from an HSC Ambassador (you paid online already, right?), and join in the fun!

What if I break down on a ride, or just on my own somewhere?

We’ll do our best to get you back on the road quickly if you’re on a group ride. If that can’t be done, well thank goodness for CAA, or AAA, or whatever Roadside Assistance you subscribe to! Tow-truck drivers here are good about loading and unloading scooters and typically take them on a great big tilt deck. If you’re expected somewhere, and you’re not going to be able to make it, use the Event page to communicate that; we’ll have someone checking in regularly to answer questions there.

Is there anywhere in this little coastal town at the end of the earth to buy oil or tires or whatever I need for my scooter?

Yes! Trevor at Scooturismo can help. He’s also the President of the club and helping organize this weekend, so may not be able to offer the same service he does during the week, but certainly give him a try. If he can help, he certainly will!

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